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Yoni Wash

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Our Yoni wash is a hydrating, pH-balanced wash designed to cleanse and refresh the most sensitive areas of your body. Our unique blend of naturally derived herbal extracts, including Myrrh, Argan and Chamomile, work together to soothe and condition the skin, promoting a healthy and balanced vaginal environment. This gentle yet effective formula does not contain harsh soaps, fragrances and artificial ingredients, making it safe and healthy for everyday use. Yoni wash relieves irritation and provides long lasting freshness, leaving you feeling clean and confident.

Free from dyes & parabens, clinically tested safe scents. It does not contain sulfates, dyes, or fragrances. That will help you keep your most sensitive area clean, fresh, and protected all day long.

quantity: 1 bottle 2oz

All Natural Product.


Please use caution when using essential or fragrance oil-based products if you have sensitive skin. If you are concerned about allergies, we recommend testing a small patch of skin with the product. We welcome all questions in our contact form via email.

We do not intend to treat, cure, or heal any medical condition through the use of our products. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a medical condition that requires professional consultation.  We do however have recommendations for those who may have skin sensitivities or problematic skin.