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White Sage & Palo Santo incense
White Sage & Palo Santo incense

White Sage & Palo Santo incense

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Refill your spiritual incense supply with a set of all-natural White Sage and Palo Santo from Alternative Imagination. our kit comes with 2 White Sage and 2 Palo Santo sticks. 

PALO SANTO also known as “holy wood” has a sweet scent with hints of vanilla, mint, and citrus known for its ability to add positivity to your space whereas sage's aroma removes negativity. It's best to think of it as sage CLEARS out the bad and palo santo BRINGS back the good. 

The white sage is grown on private lands and harvested without harming the plants. The Palo Santo is hand-cut from aged, naturally fallen trees, and new trees are planted each year.

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