aerial yoga swing
Yoga hammock swing
Yoga hammock swing
Yoga hammock swing

Yoga hammock swing

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Model Number: Aerial yoga swing.

UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing (Available in 6 Beautiful Colors)

"Heal your Spine & Achieve Backbend Mastery"

The aerial yoga hammock Swing is a powerful back pain relieving inversion device. Get the most powerful & natural back pain relief in the comfort of your home. No need for surgeries or medications!

  • Professionally designed for strength and comfort
  • Crafted from high-strength parachute fabric
  • Load capacity of 550 lbs for maximum safety
  • Wider and more spacious swing seat than lower quality competitor swings
  • 25% larger and thicker foam padded handles for more comfort and durability
  • Includes a 23 pg. Yoga Swing Guide [PDF] Perfect for Beginners
Yoga Swing

Instantly Relieves Back Pain

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing can reduce back pain within just minutes of use. The Yoga Swing can help relieve pain associated with sciatica, herniated discs, and even neck or hip pain. Use the swing to achieve spinal traction and take the pressure off your vertebral discs. Use it daily and feel the cumulative healing effects of inversion therapy add up.

Yoga Swing

Backbend like Never Before

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing will elevate your yoga practice to new heights. Use the yoga swing during your yoga routine and gain all the confidence you need to explore new stretches. Use the aerial yoga swing to help you achieve deeper stretches more passively and freely. Allow the swing to help gravity work with you rather than against you.

UpCircleSeven Offers Only Premium Quality Yoga Swings

UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing

Product Specifications:
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 550+ lbs
  • 1 Yoga Swing Seat/Hammock
  • 2 Yoga Swing Arms with 6 Handles
  • 2 Height Adjustable Daisy Chains
  • 4 High-Strength Steel Carabiners
  • 1 Black Travel Bag
  • 23 Page Step-By-Step E-book Guide for Beginners
  • Didn't get a guide? Simply send us a message on Amazon and we'll get you one immediately.

Yoga Swing - Frequently Asked Questions

Installing Your Yoga Swing

Setup is Quick and Easy. With each purchase is a guide PDF with simple instructions showing you how to hang the swing. Hang indoors or outdoors, install it in a doorway or attach to a ceiling beam.