Crystal Singing Bowl Set
Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Crystal Singing Bowl Set

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7 piece set

These crystal singing bowls are made with 99.99% pure quartz crystal, used in music appreciation. Quartz crystal vibrations sound energy comes from pure quartz. Crystal sound healing and chakras meditation is based upon the purity of the quartz energy.

How To Play:

The operator maintains a calm mood, divides the bowl mouth into three equal parts, taps at these three points, or taps 6 times with the method of drawing a large satellite, and rubs the part of the bowl wall close to the bowl mouth clockwise or counterclockwise. Replenish energy clockwise, release energy counterclockwise, When using multiple bowls, please keep 2-30cm to prevent resonance from causing the sound to become dumb.

We use professional packaging methods to minimize the probability of damage. 
If your bowl is broken, please contact in time, Risk Free 100% refund Guarantee, we support a 35-day replacement guarantee.

Disclaimer :

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